Pivotal Design: What can we learn from the Wright brothers?

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I came across this article recently.  I’m curious as to your thoughts, ideas, rebuttal, or contributions.

The Pivotal Design


  1. Kathleen McDade said,

    That tells me a LOT more about Epikos. I definitely agree that mission should come before structure. I’ve seen similar problems in the United Methodist church. Most are small, struggling congregations.

    I’m no longer sure about the validity of the church growth movement, though. I respect Lyle Schaller, and I know the church growth movement has done a great deal of good. I’ve used church growth methods myself before! But I’m not sure this is the paradigm of the future.

    That said, Epikos seems to be having some success using this pivotal model, which is great — and if it’s working, they should certainly keep on!

  2. anonymous said,

    Hmmm…. Ron is a great and moving writer. Always has been. But every church he has had a hand in starting gets stuck at about 50-70. So far, that’s where Epikos seems to be. There are several churches in the NAD that have grown beyond that, and all have been in the “system” and all have walked away from some of Ron’s essentials – namely to stop blaming the system and to make the system work.

    I hope Ron can make it happen. I pray for him and Epikos. I want it to work and to prove me wrong. So far, he hasn’t. Sounds good. I bought in for awhile. I believe and apply many of those principles he espouses. I’m just no longer convinced the system is the limiting factor. The system does have limits, but not to the extent he’s saying.

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