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Transcending the Silos of Mental Isolation

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in the last few months I’ve been experimenting with Social Netowrking (aka; Web2.0).  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, FriendFeed, Blogging, and a host of other sites incorporate interactive, user-generated content on their sites.  Out of curiousiy and an addictions to most things Geek, I dove in with both feet.  What I found was a bit eye-opening, to say the least.

Though I’ve had plenty of social-networking experiences through the years (Compuserve, AOL, MySpace, etc), it wasn’t until I discovered Twitter that my eyes were truly opened.  Though the threshold of entry is relatively high, it was a small price to pay for expanding my horizon.  It wasn’t until I discovered the power of following others that I began to tap into the full potential of Twitter.

As my online friendships grew and my world expanded, I began to learn things I could never learn from simple web-browsing alone.  The recommendations, the rumors, the site testimonials, and the outright connections being made created exponential expansion of my world.  Suddenly, I had friends all over the country.  It was an incredible opportunity to be part of this brave new frontier.  

Explaining Twitter to the uninitated is not an easy task, especially given the silly name.  People from all walks of life have had similar experiences – from Moms to Techies; from PR and advertising flacks to creative artists of all types.  The beauty is, one gets to design their own community and can control who can listen and who they listen to.  It is an awesome use of multi-threaded relationships via the Internets.  This is something that was available in your local village in the pre-industrial age, but has just now become a reality to anyone who is online.  It is very egalitarian, open, and the possibilities are endless.

I have tried many times to explain the phenomenon of Twitter, and I have read my explanations, but I’ve not had much success in truly capturing the spirit of social-networking, until I stumbled on this post, via Twitter of course:

transcending the silos of mental isolation

My friend @caseorganic was quoted in the Oregon Business Magazine, “Techno-social interaction,” she said/wrote/broadcast out to unknown hundreds or thousands of people, “is about transcending the silos of mental isolation.”

This is exactly what this medium has allowed me to do.  No longer am I limited by the real-life constraints of introversion, depression, social strata, and geography.  My world is now transcendant and my horizons are wide open.

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